High School Course Registration Updates

Wed, 12/01/2021 - 2:45pm

December 22, 2021

The registration window for High School course registration is open  12/20/21-1/18/22. Please keep in mind that it is not first come, first serve.  Many resources are available to assist you through this process.


Comprehensive Resource for HS Planning:


Rising 9th grade Course Module 


Resources for course selection:


HCPSS 2022-2023 Course Catalogs


Rising 9th Grade Course Options


Resources for course entry/changing teacher recommendation:


Instructions Sheet: How to enter course requests

Select 2 Primary Course Requests AND 3 Alternate (back-up) Course Requests


Instruction Sheet: How to enter Course Placement Review (PDF)

Process for changing teacher recommended course to increase rigor or increase balance.  


MRHS resources:

MRHS Scheduling Information

MRHS Clubs & Activities


MVMS 8th Grade Counselor: Trish Marton


December 1, 2021

Dear 8th Grade Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

This is a very exciting time of year for our 8th-grade students (and you!) as we begin high school course registration.  Can you believe your 8th grader is a member of the high school graduating class of 2026?!

To help prepare for the high school transition, related topics have been explored in our HS 101 episodes aired during NEST period on Mondays and will continue throughout the month of December.  After viewing the episode, a live Q&A session takes place on google meet with Mrs. Marton. 

Be sure to ask your student about what they have learned so far or view it for yourself through the HS Information Canvas Page! (see resources below).  Students can look forward to in-person HS information lessons with Mrs. Marton, the option to meet with Mrs. Marton individually, as well as lunchtime counselor corners.

Important dates for HS transition/course registration are below as well as resources and parent office hour opportunities.  PLEASE REVIEW THIS TIMELINE CLOSELY.

Course requests can be entered 12/20/21-1/18/22 through synergy.  Please note, it is not first-come, first-serve.  Take your time through this process and explore all possible pathways.  While you wait for the registration window to open, please take advantage of the many resources included below and shared through future emails.

This is an exciting time!  I look forward to assisting our falcons through it!

Trish Marton, MVMS 8th Grade Counselor


Help Sessions/Save the Date(s)

Below are dates for important upcoming events:

Date(s):  11/17/2021 through 1/5/2022    Topic: JROTC Student Interviews
JROTC student interviews for interested students should be scheduled by contacting the JROTC instructor.  For more information (including email address of instructor) visit the JROTC website.  

Date: Monday, 12/8/21   7pm - 8pm    Topic: ARL Information Nights
Virtual ARL Career Academy Information. 
On Wednesday, December 8th, ARL will be holding virtual information sessions on the HCPSS career academies. There will be two 20-minute information sessions at 7 and 7:30 p.m.
Come learn how Career and Technical Education (CTE) career academies provide high school students with opportunities to earn college credit, scholarships, and industry certifications, participate in worksite and mentorship experiences, and become creative problem solvers by participating in hands-on project-based learning.
Please follow this link for more information and how to register for the sessions.

Date: Wednesday, 12/15/21 @1pm    Topic: JROTC Virtual Information Presentation
JROTC Informational Meeting/Presentation via Google Meet on Wednesday, Dec 15th at 1:00 pm, code: HoHS-JROTC-Information

Date: Friday, 12/17/21 @ 7:50 am    Topic: MRHS visit to MVMS 
MRHS staff will be visiting/meeting with 8th-grade students to discuss HS information.
*All 8th-grade students will report to the cafeteria in 1st period after announcements.

Date(s) 12/13/21-12/22/21    Topic: Mrs. Marton Classroom Visits
Mrs. Marton, 8th Grade Counselor will be visiting all 8th Grade ELA classes to review HS information and course registration

Date: Friday, 12/17/21 @ 11 am-12 pm Topic: Day Office Hours for Parents 
A short presentation will be provided at the start time followed by Q&A
Link to join:  meet.google.com/nna-paoj-fjb 

Date(s):12/20/21-1/18/22    Topic: Entering Course Selections 
Students and parents enter course requests and CPRs into Synergy Course
Teacher Recommendations can be viewed through Synergy.
Students should add 3 courses (total courses) plus 4 alternates.  A Course Placement Review can be completed at this time.

Date: Monday 12/20/21 @ 12:30 pm-1:30 pm    Topic: Day Office Hours for Parents
A short presentation will be provided at the start time followed by Q&A
Link to join:meet.google.com/wso-zwzb-bfg 

Date: Monday, 12/20/21    Topic: Student Counselor Corner during Lunch/Recess
Students may sign-up to see Mrs. Marton during lunch/recess to ask HS-related questions.  Sign-up and passes are available at the stage.

Date: Tuesday, 12/21/21    Topic: Student Counselor Corner during Lunch/Recess
Students may sign-up to see Mrs. Marton during lunch/recess to ask HS-related questions.  Sign-up and passes are available at the stage.

Date: Tuesday, 12/21/21 @ 6-7 pm    Topic: EVENING (6-7 pm) Parent Office Hours 
A short presentation will be provided at the start time, followed by Q&A
Link to join:meet.google.com/ufy-dmpp-svt 

Date(s) 1/3/22 through 1/10/22    Topic: Counselor visits to ELA classes
Students will have the option to meet with Mrs. Marton to review course selections.  Mrs. Marton is scheduled to visit each ELA classroom this week.

Date: Tuesday, 1/4/22 @ 6 pm    Topic: MRHS 8th Grade Parent Night:  Helping 8th graders choose High School Courses.
Important Course Selection and HS information will be reviewed!  The presentation will take place in MRHS auditorium.

Date: Monday, 1/18/22    Topic: Last Day to enter course requests
Last day to enter HS course requests in student synergy.