Just like a pet, your Chromebook needs constant care & feeding!

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 1:49pm

6 EASY steps to be ready for school each day


  1. FEED Your Chromebook Electricity EVERY NIGHT. ---> Plug in Chromebook before bedtime EVERY NIGHT for overnight (and weekend) charging. Ninja Tip: Plug & charge on the RIGHT SIDE - charges faster & better.
  2. Bring your FULLY CHARGED Chromebook and charging cord to school every day.
  3. Bring your wired headphones to school every day for testing & regular student use.
  4. UPDATE Your Chrome Browser
    1. On your Chrome browser, at the top right, click the THREE Snowman DOTS
    2. Choose Settings at the bottom
    3. Click on Privacy and Security
    4. Click on Cookies and other site data
    5. Make sure Allow ALL Cookies is selected ---> Because we want ALL the Cookies! Yum! (This helps with Google integration and other important websites)
  6. Clear Cache & Cookies

white and brown long fur catGood Job -- High 5! 

Canvas Chrome Browser Tune-Ups

PS. Take care of those Chromebooks * They are not waterproof nor made from metal. (Screens crack! Close them in backpacks.)