The Viewoint 8/27/21

Mon, 08/30/2021 - 1:11pm

The Viewpoint

August 27, 2021

Steps For Success on the First Day

  • Students must wear a mask on the bus and in the building.
  • Bus stop locations and times can be found on the HCPSS Bus Locator. Please arrive at the bus stop 10 to 15 minutes early.
  • Students will be able to enter the building at 7:30 am 
  • Free Breakfast will be available in the cafeteria from 7:30 am
  • Free lunch is also available to all students
  • Students should proceed to their first-period class
  • Students will be allowed to carry their backpacks throughout the school day. 
  • Lockers will be assigned during first-period class
  • students should leave their cell phones home or turn them off and keep them "out of sight."
  • Schedule Changes are still being processed and new schedules will be printed for all students on Monday. Please be patient as we navigate the updates. 

Driving your Student to School?

If you drive your student to school, it is very important that you follow the traffic pattern outlined in this diagram .

  • The best way to decrease morning traffic congestion is to have your student ride the bus.  Fewer cars on the road means less traffic.
  • Only Mount View staff are permitted to make a left-hand turn off of Woodford Road into the staff parking lot/drop-off loop entrance.
  • Parents dropping off are asked to drive up Woodford Road and turn around in the baseball field parking lot and then come back down Woodford Road to make a right-hand turn into the drop-off loop.  Please do not make a u-turn anywhere on Woodford Road.
  • When you the drop-off loop, please pull forward as far as possible.  The sidewalk extends all the way to the bike rack.  Please do not idle/park in the drop-off loop at any time.


As we begin the school year, we will be offering an outside eating option as staff coverage and weather permits.  We will be using foldable tables in a designated area outside of our cafeteria. Students will be allowed to eat "picnic style" on the grass. Masks are optional outside.  Here is additional information on cafeteria protocols.

For students that choose to eat inside, we will be using assigned seating/tables based on student selection to support our efforts in the event of contact tracing. Students will have a week to select their seats for the 1st quarter.  There will be several locations of hand sanitizer throughout the cafeteria that staff will remind students to use before and after lunch. HCPSS will also be providing a lunch table divider as a protective guard for grade 6 students eating inside.

Responsible Use of Technology/ Cellphone Use

Per Policy 8080 Middles School Students will not have access to cellphones during the school day at 7:30 am when they enter the building until 2:25 pm. Parents that need to contact their student during the school day may call the Front Office and our staff will provide a pass for your student to leave class to access a phone designated for student use. Students will also be able to come to the Front Office to call parents throughout the school day if necessary. We ask that parents partner with us and encourage their students to leave their cell phones home or turn them off and keep them "out of sight."

Update Your Family File!

A total of 72% of our families have updated their Family File! If you need to update yours, please read more here.


  • Chromebooks will be distributed to new students and those who need one at orientation as well as when school begins.
  • Each day, please bring a charged Chromebook along with the accompanying charger.
  • Label both the Chromebook and charger using mailing labels only.  We have a supply at school if you need them.  Place labels on the bottom of the Chromebook, and the blank side of the charger.

Medication Drop Off

If your child requires medication (prescription or over-the-counter) during the school day, your child’s health care provider must complete a medication form and/or an Epi-Pen Care form dated after July 1st, 2021.  All prescribed medications must be in properly labeled containers that include the following information: 

  • Student name 
  • Medication name 
  • Dose to be given 
  • Time & Frequency of medication 
  • Prescriber’s name & signature Date of medication orders

Pharmacy labels will usually contain this information.  Over-the-counter medications should be new, unopened containers labeled with the student’s name. 

Please feel free to contact the health room with any additional questions at 410-313-5550. 

Space Available/Alternate Bus Service Forms

We are implementing a change in process for the Space Available and Alternate Bus Service forms.  Parents can obtain the forms from the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Transportation webpage.  Forms are located under the question, “Can my child ride a different bus?”.  Once completed, the forms should be turned in to the school office.  The Transportation Area Manager will provide initial lists to each school identifying each bus and the number of students assigned to the bus.  Schools will monitor bus capacity in collaboration with their Area Manager.  In most cases, due to the severe driver shortage, these requests may be denied.  We have increased our existing loads to 50-HS, 52-MS, 54-ES.  The forms will be maintained at the school.

Community News and Events

Please visit the Community News and Programs page for announcements of upcoming events and programs sponsored by non-profit organizations.

HCYP Boys Middle School Basketball Tryouts  Flyer 


Once again this year, our MRHS NHS students will make themselves available for 1-1 tutoring in all subjects. The link to request a tutor is now live on the MRHS NHS website – tutors will be available starting on the 8th.

Upcoming Dates

  • August 30: First Day of School
  • September 9: Back to School Night 6 to 8 pm