Summer 2020 Points of Contact

Thu, 06/25/2020 - 10:36am

MVMS is undergoing an extensive renovation this summer. Access to our building is completely restricted.

During this renovation and the state mandatory school closing, if you have questions or concerns, please utilize the following points of contact for information.

General information:

Lynnette Moore | Principal |

Kimberly Hess |  Assistant Principal  |

Mary Anne Emery | Principal's Secretary |

General Phone Numbers:

FAX: 443-973-5543  During this time, faxes will be converted to pdf files and emailed to Mary Anne Emery and forwarded to the intended recipient.

Phone: 410-313-5545  During this time phone messages will be retrieved remotely and returned as soon as possible. Emailing your concerns or questions is a more efficient means of communication at this time.


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April Snyder | School Counseling Secretary |

Kimberly Hess |  Assistant Principal  |

Field Trip Refund:

Mary Anne Emery | Principal's Secretary |

Family File/Emergency Contact:

Tina Barnard | Data Clerk |