NJHS First Annual Pi(e) Day Buy a Day!

Wed, 03/04/2020 - 1:32pm

The National Junior Honor Society is hosting our first annual Pi(e) Day, Buy a Day Fundraiser!

Students will be encouraged to bring in a $3.14 (or more) donation to help sponsor a day at Grass Roots Intervention Center.

For more information about Grass Roots, please check out this short video

Students can make the donation in the morning in Mrs. Cutsail’s room or at their lunch shift. Change will not be provided, but students are welcome to bring in the exact amount or more. 

Online donations are being accepted for $3.14 or more. 

It costs approximately $2200 to pay for one day of services at Grass Roots.  Our hope is to raise enough money as a school to sponsor all services for March 14th.  Pi Day!!

Students who make a donation will be entered in a raffle to pie a teacher during their lunch shift on March 16th. 

Please help us make this fundraiser a success and help our local community.

Any questions, please contact Mrs. Cutsail at Octavia_Cutsail@hcpss.org

 We need parent volunteers!

Are you willing to help out during 1, 2, or 3 of the lunch shifts each day during the week of March 9 - 13 to collect money? 

You can sign up to help for a 40-minute block or more! Everything will be prepped and ready for you in a folder in the front office. 
We start money collection next week and there are TONS of spots open! 

If you are already signing up for lunch shifts as a regular volunteer, you can do this too. It will be easy!

Sign Up Here!