Morning Traffic Tips

Thu, 05/03/2018 - 11:30am

Thank you to the Mount View community for your patience as we implement our new morning arrival procedures.  We are trying to manage staff arrivals and student drop off in order to expedite the flow of traffic in and out of Woodford Road. I would like to share some additional tips to assist you with morning arrival.

Here is the flyer describing the change in the MVMS traffic pattern 

Here is the solution to turning left on 99 

  1. The best way to decrease morning traffic congestion is to have your student ride the bus.  Fewer cars on the road means less traffic.
  2. Only Mount View staff are permitted to make a left hand turn off of Woodford Road into the staff parking lot/drop off loop entrance.
  3. Parents dropping off are asked to drive up Woodford Road and turn around in baseball field parking lot and then come back down Woodford Road to make a right hand turn if they are utilzing the drop off loop.  Please do not make a u-turn anywhere on Woodford Road.
  4. The drop off loop is the cause of most of the congestion for Mount View.  We encourage parents to drop off their students at the sidewalk in the baseball field parking lot.  The sidewalk is adjacent to the baseball field and then follows along Woodford Road.  We have staff stationed in this area to monitor students.  Students dropped off in the baseball field parking lot will receive a High-5 (our PBIS reward) each time they are dropped off in the baseball field parking lot.
  5. To further avoid the left hand turn from Woodford Road onto Rt.99 – Make a right and turn onto 99, then a left on Mount View Road, go around the traffic circle and then north on Sand Hill Road.  This will get you back to 99. 
  6. If you do venture into the drop off loop, please pull forward as far as possible.  The sidewalk extends all the way to the bike rack.  Please do not idle/park in the drop off loop at any time.
  7. Wave to Mr. Cosentino.