Principal's Corner

Fri, 01/05/2018 - 2:33pm

January 5, 2018

Dear Mount View Community,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year.  I hope you had a tremendous winter break filled with family, friends and positive experiences.  As with most people, the new year is a time for me to reflect, refresh and set resolutions.  Part of this process for me involves reviewing the mission of Mount View Middle School and continuing to dedicate my time, effort and resources to this pursuit.

Our Mission

Mount View Middle School is committed to academic excellence as we educate young adolescents in a safe and innovative environment in which we appreciate diversity and promote learning for a lifetime.

I have always striven for this mission in my twenty plus years as a middle level educator.  One thing that has changed in that time is the advent of social media.  Social media can be a very useful tool for education and understanding.  However, it can also be a vehicle of ignorance.  Social media has made it too easy for people to hide behind their devices and spread hurtful rhetoric.  Rhetoric that has no place in society and is counter to the mission of our terrific school. 

Middle School is a unique time for students.  They begin to explore their independence and personality in a complex world.  Sometimes they do not always understand the implications of their words and actions.  A hurtful word, in person or on social media, can have a significant impact on any person.  For a middle school student, it can be devastating.  That is why I want to assure the community that the caring and dedicated staff of Mount View Middle School will always work towards the mission of our school each and every day.  We are a school of talented educators and fantastic students.  We will not let ignorance cast a shadow on our excellent school.  I also ask that parents and students join us in the effort to ensure that the mission of Mount View Middle School always guides our actions.

It is our belief that education, compassion and appreciation of diversity will continue to make Mount View the best middle school in the country.  I am including a few links to provide additional information for your reference.

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It continues to be an honor to serve you as the principal of Mount View Middle School.  Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance.


Allen Cosentino


Mount View Middle School