Principal's Corner

Fri, 12/23/2016 - 8:20am

December 22, 2016

Yesterday your student brought home their second quarter progress report.  While grades are readily available at any time on Canvas, this is a good opportunity to sit down with your student to review positive accomplishments and troubleshoot areas for improvement.  Encouragement and a belief in achievement are two of the strongest factors in helping students put forth the right effort in school. As you plan your winter break activities, please set aside time for your student to review and study class notes, assignments, and texts in order to be prepared for the school day when we return. It is vital that students ‘interact’ with work products (notes, readings and graded assignments) on a daily basis – especially while school is not in session.

I recommend that you take some time to review the school academic calendar proposals presented to the Board of Education last week. Information about the proposals can be found here. Both proposals feature changes to our traditional schedule of days.

On Tuesday, January 3, Mount View will have our required Indoor Environmental Quality Assessment.  The process will provide an overall review of the building's general cleanliness, moisture, ventilation, thermal (temperature) comfort, and other areas that could affect students, staff, and parents.  The IEQ review committee members includes teachers, school administrators and other school staff; staff members from HCPSS facilities and other central offices; and parents, students, and community members.

I would like to recognize the achievement of the band, orchestra and choir.  Mount View Middle School as over sixty percent of our students involved in one of the music arts programs.  It is fantastic to have such a high participation rate in the music programs.  The hard work, dedication and effort put forth by the students was evident in the winter concerts recently held at Marriotts Ridge High School.  The performances were beautiful and I was very impressed by the ability level of the students.  I hope you were able to find time to attend at least one concert.  They were the highlight on the month for me.

On behalf of Mount View Middle School faculty, I would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season.  We would like to thank each parent, student and community member who has honored our staff with their kind words and generosity.  It is very appreciated.  We sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness and your support. I want to also thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s life.  I never take for granted the opportunity and responsibility to help them achieve their goals.  Our staff members wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to supporting our mission of providing the very best social and educational environment for all students. I feel privileged and honored to be able to work in this supportive and amazing community. We are also grateful for your help, trust, input and desire to make Mount View the best environment for our children.  What I appreciate the most is the energy, smiles and happiness we experience with your child each and every day at Mount View Middle School.  It is truly a blessing.


Allen Cosentino