Tue, 08/18/2015 - 3:18pm

Mount View Middle School Advisory Program

We are embarking on a weekly Advisory program that will allow us to help our students achieve success through additional supports.  This program will run every Wednesday afternoon from 2:00-2:25.

Advisory will play a critical role in MVMS’s overall school achievement.  It will create a more personalized learning environment where each student will be well known by at least one adult.  It will provide a structure and a set of practices for monitoring and supporting students with academic progress in addition to college and career readiness.

The rationale for our MVMS Advisory program is to:

  • provide individual attention to students
  • promote a small and caring community of learners
  • promote meaningful relationships
  • provide each student with an opportunity to belong

Research has shown that advisory programs help students grow emotionally, socially, help them get along with their classmates, and enhance student/teacher relationships.  Students will have the chance to improve their decision-making skills, have a sense of belonging to the school itself, and improved self-confidence.

These are some of the direct benefits possible with an advisory program:

  • promoting opportunities for appropriate development/social graces
  • assisting students with all academics
  • providing an adult advocate for each student in the school
  • promoting positive school climate

Initially, students will be assigned to an advisor.  Approximately 3 weeks into school, students will have the opportunity to select their priority preference for which of their teachers they want as their Advisory teacher for the remainder of the year.  There will be a variety of options for students during Advisory, including getting a pass to see another teacher for extra support or to make-up a missed test or quiz.  For clarification purposes, each student will have a Falcon Time teacher (daily in the AM) and an Advisory teacher (Wednesdays in the PM).