Turn Your Old Clothes and Shoes Into Cash for MVMS!

Tue, 06/20/2017 - 1:06pm

Have you noticed the white collection bin on the Mount View campus? 

MV Clothing and Shoe Recycling

Thanks to the G/T Research project done by Mia and Katie last year, Mount View now has a Clothing to Cash recycling bin. This is a method of school fundraising. Simply toss unwanted clothing and shoes (tied up in a plastic bag) into the bin and the school earns money. This is a great way to do some spring cleaning and get rid of old clothes.

Fall is a great time to clean out closets AND help the PTA earn money!  Look for old clothes, sneakers, towels, and more.  Bag up the clothes and drop them off in the Clothing To Cash bin located in the bus loop.  The PTA earns money for each of pound of clothes put in the bin.  AND if we can get the most weight gathered during the month of October, we earn a bonus!
The Clothing To Cash company will give salvageable clothes to the needy, and the remaining items will be shredded into fabric.  Keep MVMS green, keep clothes out of the landfill, help others, AND earn money for our school!