About Chromebooks and Tech Support

Sat, 09/05/2020 - 11:22am

Any student who did not receive an HCPSS issued Chromebook last school year will be able to have a Chromebook issued for use from home for this school year. The intent is that all students have available the use of an HCPSS Chromebook for virtual instruction.

 Here are the benefits of using a school-provided/HCPSS device.

Due to vendor delays, HCPSS does not have enough devices to provide all middle and high school students with a Chromebook. At this time, Chromebook requests will be prioritized based on students’ access to personal devices meeting the minimum requirements. Additional devices are being procured. Once they arrive, there will be additional opportunities for all families to borrow a Chromebook.

After receiving an HCPSS Chromebook, families can use the directions for connecting a Chromebook to Wi-Fi to connect to their home network. Additionally, students who have forgotten their username or password can use the Account Self Service directions to retrieve their account credentials. If your student has questions on how to use the technology to access instruction or is having technical issues, please complete the MVMS Tech Support Form.