Principal's Corner

Mon, 11/20/2017 - 8:43am

November 19, 2017

First quarter report cards were distributed Friday. I am always delighted by the number of students who work extremely hard all quarter and achieve Silver, Gold or Principal’s honor roll. (My hand is still a little sore from signing so many 4.0 report cards!) Report card time is a great opportunity to recognize all the effort that leads to achievement and to set goals for the upcoming quarter.  You can expect to receive second quarter progress reports on December 20. I ask that you encourage your student to keep an eye on their own progress by making sure all work is accounted for in order to be prepared for tests and quizzes. Demonstrating independence is a critical executive functioning skill to develop in preparation for college and beyond. So, while it is a good idea to check grades together from time to time, it’s even more important for our students to develop the habit of self-monitoring on a regular basis.

Thank you to all the parents who visited Mount View for American Education Week.  It was great to see you and I hope everyone enjoyed seeing all of the terrific learning that goes each and every day at Mount View.  Teachers are also looking forward to Parent/Teacher conferences this week. I ask that you be mindful of the appointment times you set for yourself. Many of our staff are booked solid and running even one minute past your allotted time slot will impact the entire conference window. Additionally, to ensure a successful conference, consider the following checklist: 
Bring your appointment schedule with you.
Double check your appointments to ensure you built in that travel time we talked about in our email regarding scheduling.
Come prepared with a list of discussion topics.
Consider sending your concerns (if any) to the teacher in an email ahead of time so he or she can be prepared in advance
Bring work samples or specific examples of the discussion items if applicable.
I would like to wish the entire Mount View community a Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope that each of you has a restful break graced with family, friends and joyous times. I’d like to start the break off by sending our thanks to the members of the PTA, in advance, for the luncheon being provided to our staff next week. We are really looking forward to seeing you during the Fall Conference window and it will be twice as nice to go into our meetings with a full belly!  



Allen Cosentino