Tired of Traffic and/or Waiting in the Drop Off Loop?

Thu, 05/11/2017 - 4:02pm

Mount View Morning Traffic Hack #1
Tired of waiting forever to make a left turn onto Old Frederick Road after dropping your student off in the morning?  The right turn lane is an option!  The right turn lane is almost always clear when the left lane is always backed up.  Nothing is worse than getting stuck for multiple red lights when you are making a left turn. The solution is to take a detour right to eventually go left.  Take a right onto Old Frederick Road, a left onto Mount View Road and then follow the round-a-bout to Sand Hill Road.  See the picture.  MVMS morning traffic hack #1

Mount View Morning Traffic Hack #2
Got the AM Drop Off Loop Blues?  Use the baseball field parking lot as a turn around and then drop off your student at the entrance to the bus loop.  There is a sidewalk that follows the bus loop to the entrance of the school.  It will be much faster that waiting in the drop off loop. 

 MVMS morning traffic hack #2